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Yesterday, Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, the “Devil of Rahmadi,” the most deadly sniper in United States military history was senselessly murdered. 

The former Navy SEAL boasted 160 confirmed kills across four tours of duty in Iraq, taking part in every major battle with SEAL Team 3 Sniper Element Charlie Platoon. 

Whilst at a shooting range in Texas, Kyle was murdered. Luckily, the shooter was arrested later that same day and will hopefully get the punishment he deserves.

This real american hero sadly leaves behind a wife and two young children. This man survived several IED attacks, multiple gunshot wounds, and lived with a bounty of $80,000 on his head across his multiple trips to Iraq, only to have his life stolen from him on the soil in which he fought so hard to protect.

Rest in peace, Chief Kyle. You were a true American hero.


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